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October 28, 2007



Nitsuh is a good guy. I think the difference is that he is writing as an observer of the past rather than a participant so perhaps the tone feels off being as you were there to experience many of the things he writes of with a historical bent rather than as a passionate member of the community. Nice run-on sentence, sorry.


i hear what you are saying about the historical versus personal bent, and that's inevitable. i still struggle with the whole idea of there being a 'community' though. i always felt it was more an awkward collection of wayward souls who were really rather curmudgeonly about things. maybe that's why it appealed to me, and is what appeals still. the conflict between wanting to be part of a culture and yet simultaneously remain outside of everything.


it was also about seeing that cute girl with the bobbed hair knew you wouldn't summon up the courage to speak to her...but hoped she may smile at you.


indeed... the tension between wanting to be understood/loved and the fear of rejection. It all comes back to sex in the end.


maybe it was more of an escapist community of like minded souls, not real in any physical sense but a communal consciousness. i think that's why one can get defensive because it feels like a challenge to personal beliefs because so much of the music was commentary on politics, lifestyle, sex, etc... and it was all intertwined with your daily existence.

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