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September 29, 2007



Me please. You grumpy old git.


I didn't go last night but I see Mr Watson has proclaimed Arctic Circle the band of the night for him. Not heard them but am intrigued now so I am off to find their My Space page to hear what they sound like. Whilst I tolerated shambolic acts 20 odd years ago my tolerance level has lowered greatly over the years!!!

I will have a badge to wear at the next Twee As Fuck night!!!

Oh we are putting on Sarandon tomorrow night (30/09) at the Buffalo Bar, London from 8pm if anyone is interested. You should be!


Yer could have just sat out in the beer garden while the crap bands were on


(I know nothing about the Arctic Circle, but) It's called taste, Alistair. Different people like different things. I often find myself disagreeing with others over what indiepop is, even more so about what good indiepop is! And it's sad sometimes, I agree, but it's not the End of Good Indiepop As We Know It. No reason to be so dramatic.


Beer garden schmeer garden. i bet it was full of smokers ;)

As for being dramatic, well, in for a penny in for a pound and all that. Or indeed for seven pounds, or however much the ticket cost. And of course it's all about taste. It's just that some people's taste is clearly wrong. It's the Pop prerogative to say as much.

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