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June 15, 2007



I danced to this and I'm half way across the world. I'm sure it must be a smashing success. Even if I did attend I'd probably still go home alone but on a setlist like that, who cares. Last nights pips show was just about perfect. Smoosh were blinding great. Even better than that! The Pipettes made Seattle dance, which is no small feet. Its quite hard to describe the sensation of fun.


Thanks for the lovely words of support Lincoln, they mean a lot. Particularly as there seems to be more interest in EGP! from around the world than there is in Exeter itself! ha! Great to hear that the Pipettes and Smoosh show was a success. Did Smoosh join the Pips for 'We Are The Pipettes' and sing 'and Smoosh!' at the appropriate moment? Man, i am so sad that i have missed them playing on the same bill.

The Waltones

Thanks for giving us a spin. British Disease was a big step forward for us musically at the time. About the first time we realised we could have an arrangement with space in it.

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