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June 19, 2007



The Waverley is great! We went on the final sailing from Glasgow last year and it was just as brilliant as it was when I went on it as a kid. My mum gave me a Waverley tea towel last year which I think means that she thinks I'm mature adult now :)


A mature adult? what does one of those look like then? Were there ever Waverley pens? I wrote in 'Big Flame' about stealing one in Troon, and it had the Waverley sliding down the barrel of the pen, over the waves, a bit like the clothes coming off a lady (if you remember those kinds of saucy seaside memorabilia...). But i think i made the Waverely pen up.


Not sure what a mature adult looks like but I'm pretty sure I didn't see one in the mirror this morning :)

Hey ... those Waverley pens did (do?) exist! I love that kinda tat ... I have a Waverley on a spring fridge magnet that wobbles every time I open the door ... classy! Those nudie lady pens were so thrilling when I was about 10!

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