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June 22, 2007


Matt Gregg

I think your last comments are poignant to your decision to end Tangents; we arguably place too much value on such things as books, films and records, but following your webzine/blog since 2001 has led me to some great music. I stumbled across your site while searching for info on The Clientele, and since then most of my cd collection has been influenced by your reliable comments and reviews on new music.



Sad sad sad. For the rest of us, obviously.

I just wanted to say thank you for publishing a couple of my articles, this meant a lot to me. Also, like the previous poster, for pointing me in the some interesting directions. Music and literature can enhance life and so many thanks, Alistair, for doing some enhancing.

All the very best for the future.


Whats going on?
This site has been part of my lunchtime browsing for so many years (and so many jobs). Where do I get to read about swedish pop records I'll never buy now?

Thanks for all the pointers on all those records, comics and books (loved yr Charles Willeford / David Goodis period) and oh so many other things. Tangents, you will be sorely missed.

Tim Footman

A humble tribute here:

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