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June 29, 2007


Ben Green

Thanks for the Tangents. The site did a lot for me over the last, what, 5 years. It didn't have to - I would have liked it if it just was what it was - but it did. Setting me off on Tangents of my own etc, or making me retrace my steps with different eyes. So cheers.

Wally Salem

I always went to Tangents to read about great music that it seemed no one else was talking about - wonderful POP music, ignored music from the past and music that was yet to be POPular. Thoroughly enjoyed your take on the scene, past and present and thank you for introducing me to so much great music and a BIG thank you for being so supportive to other fans, labels, bands. Your kindness will always be remembered! Now go get your purple squirt gun and get on your bicicle as Jonathan would say and go out and play (

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


I always find out things well after the fact -- actually, I'm right on top of this considering how completely out of any & all loops I am these days (and blissfully so!). I stumbled across this on a lazy Saturday's meandering... funny, because my son and I were talking about you just a couple of nights ago.

I don't normally comment on blogs/lists/boards anymore, but I do want to say that this gave me a bittersweet moment of looking back. We somehow always believe most things will go on forever and I think I thought Tangents was definitely one of those that would always be there. Thanks for the tangents you sent me off on back in the day -- and hopefully you'll send me off on one or two in the future somehow.


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