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May 31, 2007


Bart (Belgium)

It's true this is about the lamest compilation of Swedish pop ever.
It's very saddening to see that the least interesting Swedish bands are getting this exposure when all the best new bands seem to be without a record deal. I mean there is loads of great stuff coming out of Sweden at the moment : the Bridal Shop (their "from seas" ep which out Sarah-pops Sarah pop if that is possible, is eventually going to be released as a cdr), Kuryakin, Those Dancing Days, Japan Air, the Morning Paper, Days (when oh when is their stuff going to be released by Shelflife I wonder, I've been waiting for ages), Boat Club, Beat the Bandit, Everyday Sensations, the Dreamers (gorgeous new project of Sarah Action Biker and Mr Wright of El records fame - I don't think they have a record label yet however), ...

You see, no reason to give up on Swedish pop yet. It's only that the record companies who want to cash in on it, are getting it sooo wrong again, as usual.


"no reason to give up on Swedish pop yet."

Well, I think it's good to get a bit of perspective on things. "From Sweden With Love" is produced by the Swedish Institute and Export Music Sweden. It's a music industry presentation of "Swedish music". It's no surprise that such a record (just like that Shout Out Loud concert thing the other week) isn't super exciting. There is a music industry in Sweden too, you know. Just like the rest of the world. What gets most attention is music that fits to be promoted. Just like the rest of the world, again. Most of Swedish music is crap. Just like anything. International blogs and sites about Swedish music only is a joke I think. It's a GOOD thing to be discriminating. Choose the best, ignore the rest.

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