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May 22, 2007


Bart (Belgium)

I'm shocked at reading this very sad news. I can't quite grasp it really.
Blueboy were one of my very favourite bands and their album "unisex" ranks among my all time favourite albums. I can never listen to a song like "Marble Arch" without it sending shivers down my spine.
Keith really had the voice of an angel.

He will be greatly missed.

hilman yesterday

also ran.....i make an indie movie in bandung...n i using also for the soundtrack...
"all good chilren go to heaven"
good by keith...

with love..hilman

lee haggar

I was fortunate to have spent time with Keith for a relatively short period of time and to have enjoyed both his and the Feverfew/Blueboy bands company.My brother, Lloyd, was the drummer for both bands and I had the good fortune of participating in both live recordings & gigs in the Feverfew days.
Furthermore, I had the greater honour of being able to listen to Keith/Paul/Lloyd/Phil/Gemma etc from the floor as they all grew from a group of like minded friends enjoying the feeling of learning,enjoying & playing to what became a seminal band .
Even though they were perhaps not overly appreciated at the time Keiths greatest epitaph would be that anyone who was in his company for a short period of time could not fail to be affected by his earnestness, joie de virve, or his inherent humour.

Lee Haggar

learning/playing/gigging r u.

Roberto N

1994. The first time i have heard about blueboy. "some gorgeous accident" was the NME Single of the week. when i listened the ep, i could not believe... how someone could make so perfect pop music... superb. I wrote a letter to blueboy... "i feel like a night flyer over the earth..." wiht a little paint... some days after, i receveid a letter from Keith... just a few words with some paints... a guitar, a flower, the sun... "The boy from Brazil"/Arabesque could be inspired in my letter... If so, it was the best gift I´ve receveid in my life...
There is no one like Keith Girdler... his voice, the music, the style... Love.
Roberto N.- Brazil

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