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March 09, 2007


Bart (Belgium)

Ooh, this is difficult (there's hundreds and hundreds of my favourite singles buzzing around in my head at the moment)

Anyway, today I would go for :

Saint Etienne "nothing can stop us"
Comet Gain "you can hide your love forever"
In Embrace "shouting in café's" (when oh when is anyone going to rescue all those brilliant In Embrace songs from obscurity ? And what about the never released album "songs about snogging". I have tried to convince Cherry Red into re-releasing the In Embrace stuff, but they are too busy re-releasing Toyah and Hayzee Fantaysi. And I've also given a great big hint to James of LTM but without avail. Apparently John Rivers who produced much of their stuff is still sitting on the unreleased "songs about snogging" album cause Glass records went bust before he was payed ... So maybe I should try to get in touch with him and plead him to let the world hear these songs ...


Three great(est) singles:
Small Faces: Tin Soldier
Chic: I Want Your Love (12", is that allowed?)
Orange Juice: Poor Old Soul
PC x

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