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February 25, 2007



Yes, but why no 'Adult/ery' or 'Horrorshow'? I've been after CD versions of those tracks, so am a bit disappointed. I know they were on a different label, but I don't see how the album can be referred to as "the definitive collection of Scars studio recordings" without them?


I can only assume there are copyright issues involved with those tracks. it's a shame they are not on there, yes, but it is a startlingly good collection nonetheless. Those two tracks were available on CD on the Fast Product compilation 'rigour discipline and disgust' in 1993. I dont know if that can be tracked down anywhere these days...


Thanks. I guess I'm buying this anyway (although I found the recent Manicured Noise one a bit disappointing), and I'll keep a look out for the Fast comp.


still not sure about this one - adult/ery made me youth much more noisey, but the lp disappointed the hell out of me at the time. i've never heard it since, so perhaps i should have another try.

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