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February 28, 2007



If I knew what you look like I would say hello on Friday :)


you're my hero, Alistair. Seriously though.


Ha ha, well i'll probably have my camera with me, snapping away near the front. So if you see a tall guy in glasses brandishing a Canon SLR, it's likely to be me.


I'd rather be in New York.
Rupert :)


And for those who happen to be in Stockholm, they should go here

We, in the meantime, will probably have a small private indiepop party for two in our front room...


Besides My Teenage Stride, one will also get to experience the debut performance of The Secret History, formerly known as My Favorite.


Hi Alistair, I caught a glimpse of you across a reassuringly crowded venue on friday night. Good show weren't it?

And incidentally, it was me spinning those McCarthy, Jasmine Minks, Pale Fountains.... 45s.


Many thanks for the tip. I was unaware of My Teenage Stride before last Friday, but finding myself on Houston Street drunk and without late night plans I popped by Cake Shop on your recommendation and quite enjoyed the show. Picked up the new album afterwards; very nice!

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