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December 24, 2006



Hi there

Thanks so much for these, i've been trying to find anything by Emily for years.

What's the running order for the Irony EP. I'm sorry i'n terribly anal I know.


Mad Dogs, Reflect On Rye on 'A' side, What The Fool Said and The Old Stone Bridge on the other.


Great stuff, cheers for that


I recently heard the sad news that Gian has died

I'm sure I'm not the only person now regretting never emailing him, I've heard great things from people who did

He seems to have been pretty much Emily's only channel to the outside world, people who care about Emily need to gather together now I think

for those that don't know there is an Emily presence on myspace with Rub Al Khali outtakes at


Yes, terribly sad news about Gian. He was one of the most genuinely effusive and pleasant people it has been my good fortune to meet. I'd love to hear that acoustic session that is mentioned on the Emily MySpace page.


Can someone repost these? i know i'm a bit late

Alistair Fitchett

The links here should be live once more...


It is wonderful to be able to hear Rub-Al-Khali for the first time. Is there any chance you could post the Stumble 7" too?

Andrew Taylor

Thanks so much for posting the Rub-Al-Khali link. I have a vinyl copy. I was lucky to email Gian for a while. He seemed a really cool guy. Sad to hear he has passed.


Hi Alistair

Just come across a wonderful write up for the B side of the Stumble single. Not sure if you've seen it but here's the link

Nic Dafis

Thanks so much for these. I have the Irony EP, and was a big fan of Emily in their earliest incarnation, but I'd never heard the album, which is a revelation.

Nic Dafis

I've posted some early See Emily Play demo tracks on my blog, if you're interested:


Thanks Nic, i'm just downloading those tracks. Looking forward to listening to them.

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