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August 25, 2006


Cultural Snow

Interesting... do you really believe the digital media extends the kids' creativity, or just weakens their inhibitions and resistance (because doing something on a computer is less *girly* than painting with watercolours)?

Incidentally, what was the gender breakdown for the students taking the various art-related GCSEs?


Well, the digital media certainly allows those who may not normally have engaged with the creative process to do so, which means that yes, it probably just weakens their resistance. And I'm all for that. But it also does allow them to do more than they may have thought themselves capable - or it allows them to acheive what looks like 'professional' results... i was going to say 'easily', but that's not strictly true. For without a reasonable idea of what they want to acheive, they won't get the results. Shit in, shit out, as they say. And that's the teaching element i think. The technology is not much use without decent teaching and learning. That's the same for watercolours or digital media. People often say that the computer is 'just' another tool, like a pen or a pencil, but it's not. It's SO much more powerful. Or potentially so.

As for gender breakdowns, the regular art GCSE is probably something like 60 - 40 percent girls to boys this year. It varies each year. The 3D course was probably 60 - 40 boys to girls. The digital arts was around 90 percent boys. Next year will be very similar... So yes, it does reach the boys, which was the aim of offering the option.

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