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July 27, 2006


Bart (Belgium)

I'm not sure if they really count as a C-86 band, but I hope they include the fabulous Siddeleys. Their "sunshine thuggery" single is a stone cold classic and most of the tracks on the compilation which was released by Matinee Records some time ago aren't far of.
They were truly a band to die for, but are sadly forgotten by most.

I am having a bit of a C-86 moment as well : I've been listening to early Primal Scream, the Bodines "heard it all", the Railway Children "brighter", Miaow "break the code"
and the Shop Assistents "somewhere in china"
Oh and "tugboatline" by Rumblefish (don't know if that one counts as C-86 either, but it is still a gorgeous gorgeous song)

Bart (Belgium)

ps : Bob Stanley is ace; he really is my musical mentor. Through reading his reviews in the NME and the Melody Maker I discovered most of my favourite music. He turned me onto the Beach Boys, Dusty Springfield, Scott Walker, 60's girlgroups, Marianne Faithfull's "north country maid", ... oh the list is endless.
The man deserves a statue.

Oh and Saint Etienne's "nothing can stop us" is my altime favourite poprecord. Pure POP perfection. Bliss !

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