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November 17, 2005



hey alistair! gosh i havent spoken to you for absolutely ages. if you add me as a friend on your non existent livejournal page you can catch up with what ive been up to... it would take forever to write here! i'm starting to read yours, its been a while...anyway iuts a shame you missed the partyline/spider and the webs gig, i know itsporbably not your sort of thing but it was fantastic!! the gossipwill be of course another brilliant show, i think its december 20th or something? i may be totally wrong. and jenny erase errata (paradise island) is playing again, she was brilliant too. its also a shame you missed the diskettes - di you know them? THEy were fabulous also! you'de like them a lot if you don;t already. anyway, we should meet up soon, i'm pretty much in exeter all the timenow, taking the rest of the year off from uni, probably starting my 2nd yr again in september. london just wasnt working out! i want to go to brighton now. anyway hope to hear from you soon! izzy oxo


Say hi to Lucky Luke's Ian and Lucy for me. And enjoy Tibi Lubin, who I'm amazed aren't better known than they are.

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