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June 08, 2005



I hate to be all enterprising and everything but if these pipettes 7" are so popular(and why wouldn’t they be) why not get more of them pressed and make some money alistair? Look on it as reward for the great public service you provide. BTW erico is grate but a little forgetful I’m still waiting for my le futur pompiste cd. Its been 6 months!


believe me, i have been tempted, but the premise of Unpopular was always that it would be runs of 500, and no-repressings. Ever. I don't like it when people go back on manifesto / policy statements, and i don't intend to do that myself. I always wanted Unpopular to be about integrity as much as anything else - an oddity perhaps in the 'music industry', and more than a mite naive i expect, but heh, i can live with that.

John D Traynor

Alistair, regarding the Amulet money-making enterprise I have a couple of queries. Firstly, why did you sell them twenty-five copies? That is five percent of the total number of singles. I thought that shops, distributors, etc. took certain quanties of releases from a label and sold what they could and then passed on some of the profits to the label. But you sold the records to the shop, Amulet.

Secondly, I understand the financial reasons for a limited pressing but would it not have been better to just press five hundred and not state the fact that you have and then press more if necessary. Then, anyone who wanted to buy one could and you wouldn't be contradicting yourself by re-pressing. I understand the integrity of not doing something that is different to what you have said you would do, however, I don't understand the policy of necessarily having a specific limited release.

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