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April 10, 2005


michael layne heath

My sole memory of that band - other than having the genius name and girl group reference - was one of them being part of a 'blindfold test' thingy on a shortlived British cassette 'zine called SFX.

There was a time, specifically 1981-82, unimaginable perhaps now, when such objects were not only a novel previously unheard concept, but also a cheap audio link to UK rock and rock culture stuff for at least some of us Yanks, misguided perhaps at either end but well meant nonetheless.

Some great bits were accessible on this cheap little cassette, held to an only slightly more expensively put together piece of cardboard, the name of the mag and its featured star on the front, held fast by what felt and looked like breadloaf ties...interviews with Holger Czukay, Hugh Cornwall (by Jools Holland!) were but two I immedialtely recall.

My favorite was an especially edgy and contentious interview with Lou Reed just after THE BLUE MASK came out, heralding the new cleaned out and settled down Lou, the interviewer still dealing with ROCK N ROLL ANIMAL and ' this guy a...druggie?", and forget any questions about getting Robert Quine into the proceedings.

Anyway, the Soph. Boom2 chick was lukewarm about pretty much everything played her way - except for the debut of Tav Falco's Panther Burns, the still amazing rockabilly beatnik sonic scumfest that snagged Alex Chilton - then naught but a prodigal homeboy guitar slinger pop star still wrassling with the Memphis moonhowl - that is BEHIND THE MAGNOLIA CURTAIN...jeez, I would kill for a cd-r of that...or for that matter any SFX episode ...


Re Sophisticated Boom Boom. I know for a fact they done at least one John Peel session. I used to have a copy of it on c60, but it's all just sweet memory now. I also saw them support Bourgie Bourgie (a mutation of the wonderful Jazzatears) and can remember their best song being a powerballad called Courage.


I hated Sophisticated Boom Boom - my boyfriend ran off with one of them - grrrrrrr!

Gerry Brown

Sophisticated Boom Boom were a great band and should have made it big i used to go watch them in the 80s with the lovely Libby Mcarthur on vocals and with Tricia Reid doing the song writing then they became His Latest Flame after Libby left and was replaced by Moira Rankin.They played in the Uni a lot supporting the likes of another great Glasgow band James King & The Lone Wolves and who both went on to support Simple Minds.
2 great bands with no material out there for us diehards of the 80s to listen to.
So Mr King or Miss Reid if you are out there or anyone who has recordings of these great bands in the age of the IPOD get working on a compilation of some their best songs namely Courage which was a fine song and had No 1 written all over it.
Its over to you guys out there.

Kev Birchall

I think I remember 2 Peel sessions and 2 tracks especially - White Horses and Is It About Sex? (No Its 10:30). Used to have them both on c60 but now lost. I have asked Nemone on BBC6 if there is any chance of repeating a Peel session and she said she would love to dig one out!


Two tracks from Peel session in 1981


Surrender To Me

great stuff!


Looks like these were from the same session mentioned on previous post, wish I had the rest of these, apparently they had 3 sessions in total

White Horses
Is It About Sex
Surrender To Me

Alan D

I have the Peel session (not the best quality in the world though) on tape + a session track (Stalemates) from Radio Clyde's Billy Sloan Show.

Can forward the tracks to anyone who wants them. Just drop me a note.


Richard Cowley

I have a tape of Peel sessions by Sophisticated Boom Boom! Is it about sex etc


I suppose no-one has the song "Courage" (or any of the songs) in mp3 format????
I just loved that song, I had a tape of them doing a live concert in Dumfries of all places, don't know if I still have it, it was class


Marc Riley repeated 3 or the 4 tracks on 11 may 2007. Available online for a week after broadcast


I have 'courage' in mp3 format.Quality is not particularly astounding, but listenable.The above links seem to have expired and i would really appreciate it if anyone could do the honours of re-uploading them.

Many,many thanks



Please, please re-upload these sessions.Anyone?

Adventures close to home

To Tivert, SeanT, Richard Cowley, Alan D, Kev Birchall and Murray and to anyone else out there.

If you find any of these tunes on old tapes, LPs or lurking on a blog, we would love to hear them.

The link below has some that can be downloaded...


To Adventures close to home, just downloaded the 4 songs, absolutely brilliant, Courage is as good as I remember (its been a few years since I heard it).
Again thanks for everything



I uploaded courage :-)

dave p

Many thanks to hangthedj & Tivert and all who supplied songs. The first session was always a fave of mine - wonderful to hear some more stuff. I never even knew there was anything on vinyl!

Now, just how do we drop Alan B a line?

Did anyone manage to rip the BBC6 rerun? Three out of four is par for the course for that outfit - I bet Riley babbled over most of them. How the hell did our music end up in the hands of those idiots?

Eric Andries

Sophisticated Boom Boom,done backing Vocals for The Dreamboys Session on Billy Sloan Programme on Radio Clyde, in 1980, The Dreamboys featured a
Peter Capaldi - Vocals, who later became an actor, and Craig Ferguson on Drums....Who became Bing Hitler. and now hosts a talk show in America. in The name of Craig Ferguson...


Sorry Tivert, it was indead you that provided the upload, thank you very very much ;)
Any more SBB tracks would be much appreciated


I will get back to this!

I have been shifting stuff onto a new pc.I will rip and upload the other stuff when i get a spare moment.


OMG, I listened to SBB 'this time' or something like that over and over again, as a angst filled teen- it really something to me- at the time, have never found anything to download, shame

Tam Mac

I loved SBB and i saw them a few time. I also thought His Latest Flame where very underated but Moiras voice was superb. If anyone has any SBB stuff they can let me download then please get in touch. My email addy is

Alex Ogg

Really loved Sophisticated Boom Boom back then - especially their version of 'White Horses'. Surprised there's such a dearth of information about them now, given the all-seeing eye of the internet.

Would love to see them compiled on something like Unperfect Pop.


i taped about a dozen sbb gigs including bizarrely enough supporting the clash in edinburgh but mostly at night moves, the tech etc and i used to work with one of them. i have transferred most of the gigs onto mp3s and they are pretty good quality. they were a bit of a nostalgic pastche though and his latest flame were lets not mince words, shit!

david holt

Hello. Have just found this. Can anyone send me the downloads, please?

david holt Sorry, not always such an idiot.


These guys were also on the Tube, when they did a slot on Glasgow bands that also featured Bourgie Bourgie and Paul Haig (Big Blue World)

Kev Birchall

Never had access to websites before and spotted my name on earlier post from tivert. I'm afraid I have no idea who you are or how you know me? Please post again if you still look at this site.

Is there any way I can download White Horses as lost my type of this over 20 years ago. Any help greatly appreciated for a downloading novice !




Hi - like David Holt, I've just found this. PLEASE can anyone send downloads? Many thanks.

Ian Mclean

I always held Surrender To Me as my favourite track of all time but haven't heard for over 20 years !! Since my brother taped over it !! I remember all these tracks that have been mentioned and would love to get them


Huzzah!!!!..Better later than never!......Here are the links for the complete Sophisticated Boom Boom Peel sessions.

1/12/1981 -

15/6/1983 -

Just ignore all the adverts and go straight to the big arrow to download.

Stuart Brooks

I have today just identified an old session track on a tape as being "Singing Today" from SBB's John Peel Session 1983 after 25 years.

Would it be possible to repost the sessions please? Especially interested in the one from 1981 as I remember it well.


Sorry another person who just found this - any chance of reposting downloads? Can't find their songs anywhere! Many may thanks x

deborah carmichael

I knew Trisha Reid and LibbyMcArthur when they first set up SBB. Liddy left and can be seen most nights on River City. Trisha Reid went to London and did a theatre university course And if you want more to see and hear check out BBC archives they appeared on a Wogan show back then I remember it was hosted by Joanna Lumley that night as Wogan was on holiday. Can't remember the number they did but they were great. Asking her about the tv performance after all Trisha could say was, "Joanna Lumley is the most beautiful woman I've ever seen."


Is anybody able to re-upload the 1981 session please? I particularly love "Is It About Sex" and "Surrender To Me". Shame their sessions were never released. The Twin Sets weren't dissimiliar and also excellent.


michael clunkie

can we have an update on this please?

i have 3 tracks from the 1981 Peel Session (Is It About Sex / Joe / Surrender To Me), the live track 'The Only One' from the 'Girls Can't Help It' Rhino compilation album and two clips on video/DVD - 'Surrender To Me' from 'Something Else' and 'Stalemate' from 'The Tube' in 1982.

happy to copy/swap with any other Peel session tracks/live recordings or e-mail any other fans of this boom boom of a band.

eric a

The Lead Singer was Libby McArthur,who appears as GINA ROSSI in River City on BBC1 Scotland


Hi Tivert, I haven't been here for a while so missed your very generous upload of the two Peels Sessions, any chance of a re-up or a copy of the two sessions? Many thanks...


The uploads keep getting deleted after a few weeks.I may just upload them via youtube and let those interested grab them using youtube downloader.

Anyhow, i have started with courage.

marcus austin

SBB are one of my favourite bands of all time, I never got to see them but still have their Peel sessions on cassette and on MP3. Gideon Coe is playing a session tonight on 6Music 12th Aug 2010. Would really love to get hold of live MP3s rob????


Tam McCoid

Can anybody post some of the boom booms songs........saw them at nightmoves in the mid 80s and followed through to his latest flame
Any links,songs etc would be extremely welcomed
Any songs email to


Hi - I am desprate to find the Boom Boom's session that included White Horses. None of the links above are still active can anyone help? Thanks. Rich

Tim James

Shame I wasn't in on this convo back in 2007! I found an old video of an old Scottish programme called "Halfway to Paradise" where "His Latest flame" do a number called "Give my Love to America"! Fell in Love with the lead singer, wonder where she is now! Anyone know ?


Please - anyone - could you burn me a copy. I'll pay! Loved SBB and still remember them fondly having heard 2 of the 3 Peel sessions. I have fuzzy copies of a couple of songs on cassette, and a scratchy d/l of Courage from a compilation, but if anyone has decent copies of the Peels I'd love 'em. Please email me:


hi i'm a fan of HLF and only now got their In the Neighbourhood cd. i had their early singles, am re-ordering them and collectiong their other stuff i never had before. then i found this page and my eyes lit up lol. i listened to Courage by Sophisticated Boom Boom on utube and like what i hear. i emailed some people on this wonderful page in the hope that they can copy me the Peel sessions and any other stuff they have onto cd. i will pay for the music, i want all the songs mentioned on this page. i can't wait to hear them, i just never knew of them... music should be more accessible, including HLF and Sophisticated Boom Boom. yes i wonder where Moira is. i guess italy. i want her to reform HLF, tour, re-issue music, new album. not much eh? and then i want Sophisticated Boom Boom music too, tour, reissue etc. hmm its two seperate singers? anyhow... please help me get Sophisticated Boom Boom music. it's tuff enuff trying to get HLF music lol. thanx for this page, you made my day. myself and others here are grateful.:) if you need to contact me im on-- nickspoetrybooks4 at thanx nick.


Mike W

Loved HLF, saw them a handful of times in 1986 and bought all the records back in the 80s. Sadly, never heard any SBB, would love to hear them.


The link below has a list of all the SBB Peel Sessions, 3 in Total with track listings.

Saw them a few times in the 80's and then as HLF.

Anyone fancy sharing any recordings let me know please.



hi folks

was wondering if any of you guys/ladies have the mp3's of the john peel sessions with sophisticated boom boom (early 80's session recordings).

Laura mazzolini kind of needs to hear the song's for rehearsal purposes because she and her band mates are reuniting in a reggae club near the tron gate in glasgow, with some new material as well.

To clarify any confusion, i'm laura's son by the way

if you guys have the songs or know what sites they could be on then that would be mega appreciated

ok laters


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