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March 23, 2005



Untold millions watch that show every morning. Did that really happen? It's not exactly their typical programming (


The Today Show is the most popular morning "news" show, akin to "Breakfast Time" or whatever it's called in the UK. Approximate viewership 5 million, which is a hell of a lot for Smoosh. Though I can't imagine that many of them will understand a second of what they see; it is just the most unbearable tripe on American network TV, which is saying a lot.


Apparently Smoosh taped a segment for Today (which, yes, is a huge program here in the States). Now I hear that the segment didn't run last week - probably edged out by nonstop Terri Schiavo coverage. But still, the fact that they even taped a segment...take my word for it when I tell you it's a big deal.


I think Audioscrobbler's quite clever. I do however, have one gripe, and that is that is predominantly artist-based, and in some cases therefore, will not properly reflect an individual's taste or listening patterns. For example, if, say, 50% of your listening is Northern Soul or Reggae (whatever) compliations, you may very rarely have more than one track from a given artist, and each artists will therefore only gain a ranking of 1 or 2. You then only have to listen to 12-track Lucksmiths album, and they jump straight to the top of your list! Repeat this a few more times, and such artists wil all congregate at the top by virtue of one playing 12 tracks in one pop, even if this only constitutes a small proportion of one's listening. The single-track artists eventually drop of the radar, and no-one knows that you listen to them. Maybe there should be a 'genre' listing?
I suppose I should be telling Audioscrobbler this, and not you, but I thought I'd share it with you nonetheless!


oh god, can you imagine all the arguments about what goes in what genre? And what crosses genres, and what doesn't? It would be a 'High Fidelity' lovers wet dream :-) Could we bear it?!


Yeah, I know, it could be a nightmare, but at the moment I'm sure there are lots of people who may be listening to similar stuff who aren't getting linked to each other, which I thought was the whole point of the program. As it happens, I DO listen to a lot of Northern Soul, which is a genre that is exclusively song-centred (as opposed to artist-centred, like most rock/pop). As very few artists appear more than once across compilations, this 'listening activity' fails to appear on my profile. Oh well..!


And anyway, isn't the whole concept of Audioscrobbler a "'High Fidelity' lovers wet dream"...?

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