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December 12, 2004


Shane Moritz

So what was Jens wearing anyway? Incidentally, Alasdair sang a spellbinding version of Picture of Dorian Gray in Melbourne a few weeks ago.

Dimitra Daisy

I can tell you Jens Lekman wore shocks that match his website (yellow)... Other than that, you'd have to ask somebody else, I can't remember.


Well surely he can't be faulted for that!


Actually in hindsight maybe it wasn't so dubious. It's just i struggle with sleeveless t-shirts. I used to have a Smiths 'Charmin Man' sleeveless t-shirt and i hardly wore it because it made me look ridiculous. Anyway, pale blue sleeveless t, olive/brown trousers that were kind of like the ones the Pale Fountains used to wear, plus a red scarf worn like a Cub Scout neckerchief thing. There were several jokes about wanting to see his woggle. Ahem. So as i say, in hindsight, maybe it was actually alright. Someone mentioned 'Young Soul Rebels' but it was more 'Too-Rye-Aye' really. And the afore-mentioned Pale Fountains. SO yeah, i should probably take the dubious dress sense comment back. And have i been able to shift his records from my stereo since Sunday? No sir, i have not. Hey Jens, wanna do an Unpopular 7"?


Next time, we should come with something more meaningfull then "hey, we have webzines too and we like yours". Anyway, it was a great weekend. And Jens rocked for sure.


Hey, I thought that was a great line! Better than the first one I came up with anyway ("hey, you're so tall that you MUST be Alistair Fitchett, right?") Miss you all guys.


Next time we should have a picnic, so we'd better come up with something better to say by that time...


Hola faretaste

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