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December 30, 2004



F&G fanfic:

There was none at my favourite fanfic clearing house ( so I suspect the quality is v. poor on


Ha! Told you Liz would know!!


I came across this in a Google search. My goodness aren't we 'Hip'?! Ignorance is bliss I suppose. Styx were from Chicago by the way. Define 'Gross'? Would you put Velvet Underground, Talking Heads and the beloved Ramones in the same catagory? Probably not, but I would.

Despite all of Styx and Rush's faults and like the bands mentioned above-there are many, the fact that you write about them now 25 years after their peak in popularity is a testament to the staying power of the music like it or not.

Easy to criticize. Outside the Art Gallery NY/ LA Bi-coastal rock critic world of the early 21st century I suspect finding someone in Kansas City, Dallas or Duluth who can actually hum a VU song or even know who they are will be quite a stretch, but what do we know?


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