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November 28, 2004



Norman Wisdom DVD collection - this is preposterous! Explain yourself!

The French loving Jerry Lewis is one thing (defensible on account of Frank Tashlin, ace cartoonist extraordinaire) but the file on Wisdom was closed years before I was born. Or so I thought...


Ah see, Norman Wisdom, therein lies a tale. See, he's a part of my past that i cannot shake, going way back to when i were a lad and watching telly was like a strange new religion. And then when i was entering my second childhood there was an amazing article about Norman Wisdom in a fanzine whose name i forget... it had Age of Chance and BMX Bandits in it too i suspect. And a great piece about Martin Amis, which was when he was still quite good and writing all those nasty books with fistfucking dwarves and such like. And that got me into him all over again. So sue me... :-)

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