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November 15, 2004



I think it is the same in many places of work.
You see things going wrong and feel powerless to
do anything about it so as a way of coping you try to convince yourself that it doesn't bother you.I feel the same most days.

contrary jess

For me, the hard part about teaching is realizing that there's no way I can get through to everyone. I gave a lecture on indiepop yesterday in the course in which I'm in TA (erm, teaching assistant, if that's a North American acronym). I saw the students bored and looking at the ceiling, and I definitely saw the students who walked out of the room during my talk. I know there were lots of people taking notes (always a slightly disturbing thing -- they actually think I'm saying something worth writing down?) so hopefully something I said made sense to some of them. And I even had students thank me and ask me questions individually after the talk. I must've interested them. But I still smart from the ones who walk out. Can't hook 'em all in. Especially not when there's 105 of them to catch.

As someone trying to come to terms with teaching and the limited effects one has, I think the not caring but still caring is what makes a good teacher. And I've no doubt that you're an excellent teacher. I certainly would've been thrilled to have you as my art instructor -- though likely I would've been too shy to speak to your cool self.

David O MacGowan

It's much the same here in the IT room of the library - i think there's a connection (not that i'm happy about it) between kids having mobiles, and their inability to work silently - there's just this natural EXPECTATION that they can be as loud as they want, that they can talk when/where they want, that their sound is always allowed to follow them.

Kids have always been noisy of course, but traditionally they were told to be quiet and the public were able to enforce this. Nowadays, they'd just get hassle or even hit.

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