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October 22, 2004



She's right...By the time it got to Missing the Moon (which was a single of the week in Melody Maker or was it NME), they were actually getting pretty good reviews in the papers and I remember Sensitive getting ok reviews too and that was the 2nd single.. All of em started off with the inevitable 'I thought they were fey, limp wristed ....etc but in fact they're like ..New Order, The Go Betweens, The Smiths refrain that you recall. Same goes for The Orchids.

Anyhow I promoted em a few times and by the end (I put on their first and penultimate gig) they were attracting all sorts of fans. Of which only a minority were buying everything on Sarah or had hairslides/anoraks and the rest.

bloody hell 6000 words on the Field Mice....Are you sure..


Well, if it's evidence you need, maybe the grungy party in Seattle at which my "Sensitive" 45 was unceremoniously ripped off the turntable and chucked against the wall would count!

Too Tall Jones

Wish you would've said more about the actual e-mail from Dotti, but...

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