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October 21, 2004


contrary jess

the researcher in me wants to know who exactly these people were who went on about the fey wimpy lameness of the Field Mice and other Sarah bands. mostly because this sentiment is so firmly engrained in the minds of everyone indiepop, no matter how old or from whence they hail. my admittedly scanty research into the UK music press didn't turn up much vitriol about Sarah bands and so i wonder how this desire to defend against the anti-Sarah people became an entrenched pose.

speaking of Sarah press, i burned a copy of that clippings cd for you. if you still need it, i can post it tomorrow. or i transfer files to you via messenger or something if you'd like them faster.


You seem to have a good handle on Field Mice lyrics. Would you happen to know of a website which features their lyrics?

I know most words are easy to recognize but there are a few lines here and there that I just can't figure out. "So Said Kay" is one of those songs.


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