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August 13, 2004



hey A! just got the net back this am. wow im just so excited about the pipettes playing, and if you do get to do a single with them i would very much like to do the artwork! that would be supersuper fun. i got some hidden cameras ep yesterday, the cb-something sesssions, must say "boys of melody" is one of the best songs ever. i need to email that guy about djing now. i bet he wont let me, as its not a cavern gig! i'll email properly soon.oxox


I already sent C an email about the Pipettes down in Cornwall a couple of days before. I'm back from Leicestershire on the 23rd so try to get into town if I'm not exhausted.

David O

The bigger chain-store comics shops are best...where the staff are actually there to help you and provide a service, not stand around making sarcastic comments about the size of Mary Jane Watson-Parker's breasts .... and I dig all the toys and figurines and stuff. It's cool!!!

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