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July 27, 2004


David O MacGowan

Madama Yevonde and Laurie Simmons sound absolutely fanTAStic in your article (which was well worth the wait).

The only photography book within my budget when i was shopping today was some huge thing called Exhibit A.... stunning cover (a model lies next to a pool of paint/blood) but flicking thru the interior it was a drab collection of would-be 'mysterious and distant' 60s-style catalogue models posing about next to symmetrical architecture.... :(

Simmons particularly reminds me of something a Live Journal friend has been doing - going back to her childhood dream of owning a doll's house and repopulating it according to her childish whimsy. The idea of a domestic interior being in fact some magical fantasy world is a curious dichotomy....always makes me thinks of Lewis carrol....

Simmons also reminds me of Todd Haynes' 'Star: The karen carpenter Story', albeit more tangentially.....i only ever saw clips from this but the idea of using dolls to tell a serious story is a real sock in the eye for those who look down on children's stuff as being kitsch at best....when we know, of course, it can cope with ideas far better than traditionally adult media can.

It's also fun fun fun!!....hope you include some of the recent run of Batgirl in your comics review....!!!...but WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE NEW ROBIN??!?!?!

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