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July 28, 2004



Yes,I remember the legendary Troon beach party as
well.Didn't The Sea Urchins attend? I went to
school with Robert,Jamie and Simon and remember
them talking about a small tour of Scotland that
they undertook that included a gig in Troon that was rained off.I think they may have played in
Glasgow and Edinburgh as well.I am still in touch with Jamie and he should be releasing a solo album later in year.

David O MacGowan

Too bad you had to turn Plan B down. I'm frothing at the mouth over it going monthly. (even asked if i could write their comics reviews!! A polite silence in reply)

contrary jess

Did I ever mention that Andy Dean gave me a cd-r containing zillions of Sarah reviews? Mostly from NME and Melody Maker, but some zines too. We too discussed an indiepop archive. And I've had the same conversation with Pete Hahndorf too. The idea is definitely in the ether, it just needs to be acted upon. Now if only I didn't have a dissertation to write...

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