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May 30, 2004



Rupert was, of course, right – sonic youth or no sonic youth...


Spending my Sunday watching a docu on WWII from the english point of view (PBS in the states). All the mentions of RAF airfields reminds me of the july skies. Of course, this lead me to their site and lo-behold the new album is coming in July! With promised 'lush packaging' from M. Anderson's studio. Mailorder available from in July via MakeMineMusic. This is by far my most eagerly awaited cd of the year. I just wish I was pressed on vinyl.

Very excited to see what unpopular will bring. Any news on this?


On the Unpopular front, a couple of singles are ready for pressing, although the July Skies one is still awaiting track decisions and artwork and, um, everything actually. Clientele is nearly ready to roll, as are Playwrights and Legend! Both of those two just awaiting artwork really.

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