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January 19, 2004



Oh yes you have.

J Evans

Using your insider journo info do you have any idea when the Weird War album comes out? According to Drag City's website, 'If You Can't Beat 'em, Bite 'em' is out this month, but that could be just in the States. Any Svenonious release should be a high priority.


oh alistair, veronica sawyer eh?? she rules...sigh... just saw lost in translation, it was really good, but didn't "flow" in a director sense, like i dont think sofia coppolas defined herself. or something. anyhow, made me sad. thinking of moving back to london. and the zine conventions on 31st NOT this saturday. hope doesnt cause problemos all round. check out billboards for my posters :0) love izzy oxoxxx

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