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November 22, 2007



Hey ... did you see 'The Genuis of Photography' (programme 5) on BBC4 last night (Thursday)? There was a wee bit on Cindy Sherman's 'Film Stills' and the work of Nan Goldin, Larry Clark etc.. Pretty interesting for a chap like me who knows practically diddly about their work. I think I saw a book tie-in when I was in Borders the other day, too...


didn't see that, but sounds interesting. i should point my students in that direction. though maybe not at nan goldin! might be a bit risque. then again, some of the cindy sherman work can be a bit challenging for youngsters i guess.


Eeek ... I wouldn't point your students in the direction of that show ... one of the Larry Clark photos made *me* blush (and I'm 35!) with its nude folks shooting up junk. Mind you, I think the young ladies would find something to admire in that picture, if you catch my meaning ;)

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